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Yerkes-24 inch on Skynet! Take some images...

You may notice the Yerkes-24 on Skynet now and on some of the clear nights. We use this telescope both for visual observing and now it will be on Skynet sometimes. We are in the 'commissioning' phase where we are testing performance and getting all the systems in place. YOU can help! If you would like to submit images to help us image objects all around the sky, then let us know in the Forum. There is a topic called: Yerkes 24 inch Telescope. Post a message there to become part of our testing team. Thanks!

Scientists from LIGO to make important announcement at 10:30 AM. Gravitational Waves???

You can tune in to youtube, I think to watch live streaming of this press conference which is widely rumored to contain an announcement of the FIRST EVER detection of Gravitational Waves! Here's the link

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